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A Wicked Ghost - Full Movie Wu Tang Collection
A Wicked Ghost - Full Movie Wu Tang Collection
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April 14, 2018

A Wicked Ghost Full Movie Wu Tang Collection New Movies 2018

Director: Hung Wah Leung

Cast: Gabriel Harrison, Mok Ka-Yiu, Gigi Lai-Chi, Francis Ng

The huge success of the Japanese horror movie "The Ring," was

followed by many Hong Kong imitations. "A Wicked Ghost" is probably

the most direct imitation.The film begins with four youngsters named Rubbish, Big-bee, Alice and Dee Dee playing the game of Contacting Ghosts. Suddenly Ming (Gabriel Harrison), whos in the house while they are playing, sees a ghost in long hair. Subsequently, Rubbish is killed by the ghost. Magazine editors Jack (Mok Ka-Yiu) and Mings elder sister Cessy (Gigi Lai-Chi) try to investigate the case. During their investigation, they find that both Big-bee and Alice have been killed. As the whole incident is very weird, they are afraid that Ming will also die. They seek help from their friend, drama teacher Mr. MO (Francis Ng Chun-Yu). They attempt to sort out every possible clue. Finally, they find out that the deaths involve a ghost who has caused 66 deaths in a village 66 years ago.

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