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Ninja Wolves - Full Movie Wu Tang Collection
Ninja Wolves - Full Movie Wu Tang Collection
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April 4, 2018

Ninja Wolves Full Movie Wu Tang Collection New Movies 2018

Director: Joe Law

Cast: Yueh Hua, Chen Mu Chuan, Chang Yi, Eddy Ko

Back in the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor granted the evil Eunuch, Ma Tung (Chang Yi), leadership of the Royal Bodyguard. Ma Tung doesnt give a damn about the Emperor. He even equivocates himself with the Emperor and keeps gifts that were meant for the Emperor as his own. With his excellent gung fu and elite bodyguards, Ma Tung, is a person to be reckoned with. With a couple attempts on his life and back stabbing from within the guardsman ranks, Ma Tung, figures that he has some disloyal men working for him. Attempting to seize upon the opportunity, two Japanese (played by Yueh Hua and Chen Mu Chuen) who were given to the Emperor as gifts, but now find themselves working for Ma Tung, rise up from the low ranks to become commanders of Ma Tungs forces after killing off the top commander, Fang Hsiao Hu (Eddy Ko). They become Ma Tungs henchmen, killing with ruthless abandonment and earning Ma Tungs trust. Eventually, Ma Tungs trust is betrayed as the two Japanese workers turn out to be undercover agents for the Emperor, to expose Ma Tung and his evil ways.


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