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Do This Exercise For 60 Seconds A Day And Only In A Month You Will Have A Flat Belly!
Do This Exercise For 60 Seconds A Day And Only In A Month You Will Have A Flat Belly!
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April 1, 2018

Do This Exercise For 60 Seconds A Day And Only In A Month You Will Have A Flat Belly! New Movies 2018

This Exercise Is More Powerful Than 1,000 Crunches: Take 60 Seconds a Day and Only In a Month You Will Have a Flat Belly!

Plank is the abdominal exercise that more muscles work in less time. Get a new body in just 28 days, investing very few minutes daily.

Treatment with plank was developed to demonstrate that a single exercise is able to put the body in shape. You can also do it if you carry out a gradual but intense plan . In a few minutes every day you can train effectively. If you are a beginner you may think that it is a very simple exercise Nevertheless it requires a great physical effort . We advise you to start training for a few seconds.

This abdominal activity is effective for toning the muscles of the entire center of the body. Plank melts fat deposits in the abdomen While strengthening internal and external muscles throughout the core and back . Also those of the buttocks, arms and legs are exercised .

How to perform plank?

It is called plank challenge or plank challenge to a training plan consisting of 28 consecutive days . At this time, you train by gradually increasing the endurance time. The exercise consists of only one position: the iron . First it should be held only for 20 seconds But four weeks later the body will be prepared for greater challenges and you will be able to resist for minutes.

It is very important to perform the activity in the correct position . The body is suspended supported on the forearms and on the toes. In turn, legs and back should form a perfect straight line. Although it seems easy to achieve, you should keep the following tips in mind:

-FEET: It will be difficult to maintain the balance with only your feet, you must achieve this by pressing the abdominal muscles.

-LEGS: They must always be together, contracted and straight . If this does not happen, the lower back will perform a bad force, you will not be able to work the right abdominal muscle.

-GLUTES : You will feel how they stretch. They must be contracted throughout the exercise.

–LOW BACK: It is the axis of the exercise since it must be perfectly straight. A small curvature to either side will cause an error in the activity and in the strength of the muscles.

-ABDOMEN: The abdomen should be stressed throughout the exercise but should not contain the breath.

–ELBOWS: Should be in a straight line, under the shoulders so that there is no unnecessary load on them.

What is the Plank Challenge?

Once you have achieved the right position, carry out this challenge to get a new body in just 4 weeks of activity. This is what you should record day after day:

DAY 1: Hold the position for 20 seconds

DAY 2: 20 seconds

Than DAY 3: 30 seconds

DAY 4: 30 seconds

Than DAY 5: 40 seconds

DAY 6: Rest

Than DAY 7: 45 seconds

DAY 8: 50 seconds

Than DAY 9: 50 seconds

DAY 10: 60 seconds

Than DAY 11: 75 seconds

DAY 12: 90 seconds

Than DAY 13: Rest

DAY 14: 90 seconds

Than DAY 15: 100 seconds

DAY 16: 120 sec

Than DAY 17: 120 seconds

DAY 18: 150 seconds

Than DAY 19: Rest

DAY 20: 150 seconds

Than DAY 21: 150 seconds

DAY 22: 180 seconds

Than DAY 23: 180 seconds

DAY 24: 210 seconds

Than DAY 25: Rest

DAY 26: 210 seconds

Than DAY 27: 240 seconds

DAY 28: the maximum you support, more than 240 seconds

Remember that during the first week your body will need to adapt to the exercise so the time is much reduced. However, as days go by, you can face more challenges.

Do not forget to do some preheating exercises at the beginning and some stretching at the end so you do not feel discomfort during and after the activity.


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