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Wu Tang Collection - One Armed Swordsmen
Wu Tang Collection - One Armed Swordsmen
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March 27, 2018

Wu Tang Collection One Armed Swordsmen New Movies 2018

Director: David Chiang & Wang Yu

Cast: David Chiang, Wang Yu, Chang Yi

First, Shaw Brothers gave us the Wang Yu vehicle, One Armed swordsman and then next came the sequel with David Chiang. Then after Wang Yu left the Shaw Brothers, taking advantage of their own popularity and the one-armed character, Wang Yu and David Chiang together make the One Armed Swordsmen. This flick is a tale of two Master one-armed swordsmen, Fang Ping (Wang Yu) and Li Hao (David Chiang), which they try to unravel and solve the mysterious death of another one armed guy, Chin Chu Ying. This film has an Interesting plot, a twisted ending out of nowhere, and decent sword fights/Kung Fu.

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