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G Feelingz - Sabon Rai (New Life for All)
G Feelingz - Sabon Rai (New Life for All)
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October 2, 2018

G Feelingz Sabon Rai (New Life for All) [Mp3]

Here is a brand new song from G Feelingz, a Jos-based gospel rapper that is known for a couple of rave songs released before now. Today, he releases his brand new song, SABON RAI, feat Jerry Skoolz and Kespan.

The song Sabon Rai means New Life For All. So it simply explains itself that the ultimate new life mentioned in it must be given to all. It’s a song that describes the Christian that pledges unflinching commitment to preach the gospel everywhere everyday.

It’s a movement that with Jesus but then the term “Sabon Rai” started with Paul Gindiri who Evangelized and mobilized the Northern church to evangelize boldly to muslims and he moved with so much power and grace.

G Feelinz is the founder of Beautiful Feetz a movement, a team of people that is committed to do the same to reach out to his generation. They preach daily on the streets, in banks, and everywhere they can because ‘ we have found what is worth living and dying for Christ Jesus. This is the reason for the song..’, he said.

In the song the history of Christianity in Africa is chronicled as well as the awareness to know that the reason we know Christ is because of the labors of the fathers and it’s now our time and the baton is in our hands, how many more people would know about Christ.

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