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Jeremiah X DeHeart - My God
Jeremiah X DeHeart - My God
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June 1, 2018

Jeremiah X DeHeart My God [Mp3]

My God is a song written by Jeremiah Jegede well-known by his stage name ‘Jeremiah’ during his final year in the university, where there were lots of mistakes in his project which he didn’t intentionally make but due to the printing process, happened.

“I discovered very late minutes before submitting and the song dropped in my heart. I continued to sing even as I prayed and submitted, and came out successfully. I believe God will wroth miracles with this track. So go ahead, listen to it and sing it in your homes. Sing it to your problems and declare to God that you believe that He can do all things and that’s all – miracles will happen in Jesus name.”

As a worshipper, Jeremiah has ushered heart-reeling, inspiring worship programs, as well as many in concerts, crusade, and churches into the presence of God.

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